Friday, October 22, 2010

So it's been nearly a year since my last post. Since that time I got down to 210, got pregnant, got up to about 243, had a baby in August, and am now back down to 210. I'm happy to say that it has only taken me about 2 months to get back to where I started! And now I have time to lose weight before Christmas again. My new goal is to break 200 before Christmas. Funny enough, my goal last year was to break 200 before Christmas but then I got pregnant. This year I still have 2 whole months before Christmas which makes it even more achievable. Really there will be no good excuse if I don't make it work! Especially since my family has been so supportive and they have since started an initiative to try to get all of us more healthy. I think it's going well!

Oh.....we also moved in with Paul's parents last December and have been here since then. That has brought with it its own challenges but life isn't too shabby right now. We have a beautiful 2 month old little girl now named Ashley. She is a joy and has a beautiful smile! Ryan has started kindgarten and loves school. And while Benjamin misses his brother terribly while he's at school, he also seems to enjoy the one-on-one time we have been fortunate to get more of lately. And, to top everything off, Paul got a promotion last month!! While it has meant more hours at work more recently (which I'm not such a fan of) I've been grateful for his hard work and I'm sure once he gets settled in to his new position (he's only recently been able to replace his former position so for awhile he was covering both jobs), he'll be able to come home more again.

So as far a "little victories" go, we've had several in this past year!! And more recently I've been more desirous to start up on my blog again and try to keep up there now.....I feel the need to write again--which is a little victory by itself! I used to really enjoy writing down my thoughts and I feel like I've forgotten so much because I haven't taken the time to write things down so I'm making that a new goal--in conjunction with my current goal of continuing to lose weight. Huh, this sounds like a great Christmas newsletter! I've got that done already now too! jk. :D

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